26 Yrs
UK P.B: 54.07lb Mirror Belgium Home Country
FOREIGN P.B: 62.04lb
FAVOURITE VENUE: Mainly Clear Gravel Pits In The Warmer Months And Shallow Streams In The Winter. And Once A Year I’m Planning A Trip To France.

That’s my Belgian pb of a single scaled mirror. It was a hard year at the local syndicate. Many carp were dead from a disease a couple of years before, so the original population was minimized to approximately forty fish. After stocking fifty new French carp, the future looked bright. Otherwise the amount of takes was not that high. I planned a couple of days mid October. 3 rods were on the hot spots with a lot of freebies, I positioned the fourth rod 30m away from the other rods. It was that rod with single hook bait that rattled off in the middle of the night with a fantastic pb.

During a cold winter trip in France, I decided to put the boxes of maggots in my car. I don’t want them dead… so what could go wrong if the lids are closed. The next morning they were everywhere in my car. And the next week there were flies in my car, I had to open the windows to let them escape…

My style of fishing is very flexible; I like different kinds of fishing. I fished eel, pike and roach before. That’s a good basis to start carp fishing, nowadays kids start carp fishing before they ever caught any other fish… My sessions are for 90% short day sessions, mainly before or after work. With a good bait campaign it’s possible to catch my targets during day time. Most of all I enjoy nature and the outside life. I enjoy carp fishing every minute, from the preparations till the catch of one of my targets. Tight lines Steven