Funniest moment on the bank: It was a stormy period in the spring. Despite the bad weather I had to out fishing, the urge to fish won me over. And there I was ... completely soaking wet and cold, and feeling I had no chance but fortunately I got a bite. It was a powerful fish that made a run for the snags, I needed the boat to keep it from getting stuck solid. After a fierce battle the fish was in the net and when I went rowing back I found out again how bad the weather was as I nearly capsized on a few occasions. I finally made it back to the bank to weigh the fish as quickly and safely as possible. When I put my foot on the slippy bank, I slipped and hit the water with fish and fishing rod in my hands. Fortunately the carp was fine as this was first worry. It took all me strength and effort to climb the high side but I was lucky that I still had the fish and my rod...

A few words talking about myself: My name is Sebastiaan Barendrecht, I was born in 1990 and living in South Holland. In daily life I work as a gardener and am by my profession always busy with nature. Fishing is a passion I’ve has since a small boy and I spent all my spare time pursuing any species of fish and I love being by the waterside. My first contact with the carp soon followed, and I saw my line after a brief battle for one of these giants. With trembling knees I wondered how something so big could ever be caught? That question kept me awake at night and I could not wait to catch a carp. No mather what! We now are a quite few years on, but I still experience the same feeling each time I’m doing battle with a carp. When the carp slips over the draw cord I think back to that time: the beginning of my hobby and how I longed to bank such monster carp. I’m always striving to improve, so I keep myself sharp and focused. Downtime can lead to deterioration in my opinion and never an opportunity to catch is missed! Finally I want to thank the guys for their trust and wish all readers a good catch.