Since I Can Remember
UK P.B: 45.12
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FAVOURITE VENUE: Linch Hills Christchurch
Most memorable capture:
The capture of an awesome 38lb 7oz common from stone-acre. It was my first fish from the low stock 50acre lake and what a mint fish it was having not been on the bank for 5 years since little rob caught it in 2008! I was fishing a short spot in the edge a lot different to many people’s approach on the lake. I was getting a lot trouble from the birds so I had to climb a tree near the spot as this was the only way the birds would stay away. After living up a tree all day (which is hard trust me) I saw a large figure rise from the spot, shake its head and the rod was away. Clambering down the tree as fast and safe as possible wasn’t the easiest thing either, knowing I was soon to be attached to my 1st “stoney” carp ;) moments later I was shaking hands with all my fellow anglers for the capture of this near 40lb common that nobody recognised because the biggest known one was the “pinch belly “at around 36 so you can imagine the excitement between the lads!!!

Funniest moment on the bank:
Too many to list but the one that tops the lot is when my good friend Adam Smith came down to Christchurch to visit me. He pulled up a bucket in front of my bivvy with his back to the water and I got the kettle on (as you do). He began to tell me in his own words about a “mahooosive” fish he had just seen in the margin and as he described the size of it using his hands to show me, in all the excitement the bucket buckled from underneath him and he fell backward straight into the water!!!! Oh my days, he was livid and I was crying in laughter and to top it all off, as he was swearing under his breath he attempted to sit back down in anger and it went again, back in the water he went!! Sooo funny!!!

I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember and started out float fishing as I think we all do? I then got hooked on carp and there was no stopping me. I loved bunking off school and going down my local park lake just to get behind the rods ha-ha. After wading through most of my local lakes and farm ponds I knew it was time to head south and from then to this present day I have been focusing most of my time in the Oxfordshire area. Mainly linear fisheries and linch hill fisheries!!

I have always seen fishing as hunting, so I like to out whith them in the edges or at short range at least so I can see them and their behaviour from the trees as I like to scale trees. Then TRY to incorporate a tactic dependant on the certain fish’s behaviour i.e. surface, zigs or small bits and bobs on the deck? Sometimes however this isn’t always possible so its sat back behind the alarms I go, but only when I've located the fish .