UK P.B: 52lb Mirror, 47lb 4oz Common
FOREIGN P.B: Phat Fish
OTHER SPONSORS: 64lb 8oz Mirror, 65lb 4oz Common

Most memorable capture: Crazy weeks fishing at two different lakes and catching the biggest fish in Both lakes.52lb, 41Lb and 37lber from one lake then a 47lb common from the other. Funniest moment on the bank: Watching a golf buggy with two people on slide down the bank into the lake ... I did give them a helping hand pulling it out after I'd picked myself up off the floor laughing.

Firstly a little bit about myself I'm straight up, tell you what I think, no fills, no messing about but always up for a laugh ... I started fishing as a young kid down my local park fishing for anything did came a long but as time went on obviously carp just got hold of me and well I have not Looked back since. With my fishing it's a way of life always HAS BEEN and always will be so I always make time for it no matter what even with a busy job and a young family. Match fishing Has taken up a massive part of my time on the bank Which I love doing and have been quite successful over the years winning the UK Carp Cup in 2012 and a few others a long the way. When i do get to do some of my own fishing I like to target big fish I just love the chase and the fact hat the next take Could be the one, you know what I mean's something that only a carp angler wants know. Also I've been lucky enough to fish the mighty Rainbow a few times and had some amazing results, the way you fish the place and the atmosphere is awesome you just have to go there to understand what I mean. I do enjoy fishing for other species in the colder months perch, pike and a bit of fluff chucking. So to sum my angling up I just eat, sleep, repeat fishing lol, and until the day comes when I'm not enjoying myself then that'll be the day I hang up the rods, but I can not see did happening to soon .. .. be lucky and catch a whacker!