30+ Years
UK P.B: Dutch 51lb Mirror, 48,8 Lb Common
FOREIGN P.B: Rigmarole
OTHER SPONSORS: 62lb Mirror 48,5 Lb Common
FAVOURITE VENUE: Laroussi ( France) , Some Local Clubwaters And Gravelpits In Holland And Germany.

About me:   My fishing "career" started at the age of 10, chasing perch and roach on local club waters. Catching plenty of them was some times disturbed by hooking in to something that’s seems to be unstoppable, my first encounters with carp. During that period my tackle was steadily upgraded and ended up catching and targeting these magnificent creature’s. When I got older a local river a few canals and some gravel pits became where the majority of my fishing took place. These place’s are still being fished by me up till this day. I also fish some lakes across the border in Germany. Sometime’s I fish in France, and when I do its etang laroussi near Le mans. My fishing exists mainly out of fishing short overnight sessions. Being a dad of 2 kids and working full time means the time to spend on the bank is very limited at some moments. I try to make the most out of it by searching the fish and fish where they are, other then pre-baiting and waiting for them to arrive. Fishing different then others is often the way to success for me, different area’s , different approach. I am not the type of angler that goes after one certain fish, but just enjoy every minute of being out there and sitting behind the rods watching the lake and its surroundings.

Most memorable capture: Most memorable capture was probably a big two tone 48lb + common from a large gravel pit that’s connected to a large river system. I caught it on a sunny summer evening within 30 minutes after putting the baits in. After a successful night I returned 2 days later to fish that area again but there where a few other anglers fishing a swim close to where I wanted to fish. I didn’t wanted to be in there way, or make them wiser about me fishing there so I went for area on the river itself. After building up camp and getting the rods in place I was in to a fish fairly quickly and after a short battle I found the same two tone common in the bottom of my landing net. The 2 pegs where 2 kilometers apart from each other making it a very special capture. The strange thing I never seen that fish again in the hands of a other angler.

Funniest moments on the bank.. Funniest moment on the bank:   One of the funniest things that comes to mind was the moment a friend of mine tried to land a massive sturgeon in France in the middle of the night. Because a landing net is out of the question a grip by the tail was the only possibility to get it on the unhooking mat. He succeeded on grabbing it, but the sturgeon had other plans by pulling him in and filling his boots. After releasing this monster he left for his bivvy cursing and complaining and telling me I didn’t needed to shout again for assistance. The next cast wasn’t near where I wanted it and when reeling in a massive catfish grabbed the boillie, He did come to help in the end but as you can guess it needed allot of convincing to get him to help me out again.