28 Years Carp Fishing. Fished As A Child And Teenager Pleasure Fishing Previously (Another 10 Years On And Off )
UK P.B: 50lb
FOREIGN P.B: Mainline, Fox
FAVOURITE VENUE :Darenth / Rainbow Lake -France
Most memorable capture:
Lac De-Madine (multiple captures of 40lb + during WCC 2009 pairs comp with Thomas Duncan dunlop)

Funniest moment on the bank:
Too many to mention - generally every time when fishing with Kev Knight of Mainline – Especially the BCAC inaugural years as competing pairs. Also when, with John Lilley in the USA St Lawrence match (2005) when after being taken off an island by boat and just coming up to “Shallows” of dry land, john jumped off into “2 ft of water” to tie off the boat, and promptly disappeared 8 – 12 ft under for about 30seconds completely submerged. I nearly fell out the boat laughing. Unfortunately he bobbed back up.

My carp fishing has evolved over the years. I still remember fondly the early trips to Clapham common lake on the bus from Brixton. How we managed to fish nights in those days and were able to take sufficient kit with us is beyond me when I compare the amount of gear we take now. Although I still love the “pleasure” trips to whatever Lake I might be fishing and especially the social side of fishing with mates in a relaxed setting, for a long time now I have been involved in the more competitive side of Carp angling. Since the early 1990s (Sony Telecom King Carp challenge) and latterly the World Carp Matches (1998 Inaugural WCC at Lac De Madine and 2005 The USA St Lawrence ) there has been an explosion in Carp fishing generally and more specifically the “Carp match” scene. These matches are not to everybodys taste but I have revelled in them and I have had my fair share of success over the years. I particularly enjoy the variety of fishing different venues and learning the different skill sets that are required both domestically and abroad. The skills I mention now equip me to fish confidently in any situation I may face. From dropping a rig in the margins to casting at extreme range, to boating out a rod many hundreds of yards in a huge overseas lake, or indeed a snag filled swim and the obstacles that may present. The different baiting techniques required, using a spomb or a throwing stick, method balls or PVA , or indeed dropping particles from a boat and the application of such do not throw up any fears for me. I relish the challenges and using the experience I have gained in so many different fishing situations.

I am particularly pleased to be representing Phat Fish clothing as I think it stands for quality and vision and I look forward to the years ahead and being a part of the growth of the range. Rob Tough