UK P.B: 37lb 6oz Common 37lb 2oz Mirror
FOREIGN P.B: Mainline Baits
FAVOURITE VENUE: Undisclosed Colne Valley Lake
Most memorable capture:
Wow, where do I start – I’ve been fishing a private Colne Valley water in search of potentially one of the biggest and oldest fish in the Colne Valley with a decent head of Mid 40’s as a back-up, and whilst grafting I managed to catch a very rare original Leney that is pushing 60 years old. It reall is something special to those that know it and has got to be up there with one of, if not the best looking fish in the country. Funniest moment on the bank: If you look at Wayne Mansford’s profile, it must have to be the same story as his as I was his accomplice in the act. Basically, Wayne took the absolute piss casting out of his swim boundaries in a friendly match, and without realising, he cast out over both of one of our mates lines in the process. Wayne had a change of heart and though he best reel both of his rods in, so we both took 1 rod each and wound in as quickly as we could, but caught the other anglers two lines and reeled him in around the back of the island. (our swim was around the corner so he couldn’t see us) The other angler thought he had a double take and one of his rods went flying into the drink and a whole boat and search party got involved and we gave him an epic battle! Both of his lines eventually snapped and we brought his rigs in (minus his missing rod) and still to this day he doesn’t know it was us and thinks he had a double take of two monstrous fish. To make matters worse, Wayne took his rig over to him the following morning and said ‘Just caught the big common at 40lb + trailing this rig, is it yours?’….. The look on his face was priceless and he still tells everyone at the lake about how he lost the lakes big common at over 40lbs. Let’s hope he doesn’t read this. I started fishing when I was about 4/5 years old. I used to tag along night fishing with my dad every other week and come first light I was up before he was eager to get the float rod and maggots out! After about 3 years of doing my fishing apprenticeship and once my dad was confident that I had learnt the ropes of water craft and the quarry I was after, I stepped up to carp fishing and I was hooked for life! From an early age (around aged 10) I had the very fortunate experience to fish some exclusive waters in the UK, and I learnt the patience and carp fishing skills that is needed from a very young age. I have had some fantastic opportunities in my fishing career so far, and have travelled and fished all types of waters over the country and have used the knowledge I have gained fishing a multitude of difference venues to my advantage in competitions such as the BYCAC, BCAC and various other national carp championships. My fishing over the last few years has been based around the low stocked gravel pits, and most of my time and attention is focused in targeting old elusive fish and a handful of bites a season is normally on the cards if I put the time in. I do fish a lot of the matches and have done with succession, but nothing appeals to me more than having a bit of ‘me’ time in a quiet, tranquil and peaceful surrounding chasing special carp which take a huge credibility, time, dedication and effort to catch. I work 50-60 hour weeks in an office (recruitment consultancy) so my time on the bank is limited to 24 hours a week which spurs me on to fish as effective as I can to get the best out of my time on the bank.