35 Years
UK P.B: Mirror 41.03lb Common 39.09lb
FOREIGN P.B: Mainline, ATT, Vardis Tackle, Catch And Release
OTHER SPONSORS: Mirror 76lb Common 65lb
FAVOURITE VENUE: Spoilt For Choice

Most memorable capture:

Several come to mind, back in the day of Waveney Valley, catching the largest two residents in consecutive bites, Big Scale & Five Star! In France, banking 40 x 40lbers in one session, secondly, first tonne up week, amazing over 2,400lb of carp in just 5days.

Funniest moment on the bank:- I have to be a tad mindful here!! and not mention the angler in question: let's just say a household named carp angler who managed to sink a brand new micro cat which was borrowed for the fishing session!!! Only saving grace for him is that he neglected to drop the rig and after what seemed an internality, managed to get it back to the bank!

About myself: Being 47years of age I started my angling life at the age of 11, like many youngsters just fooling around the local parks, catching what seemed at the time to be monsters, but in reality just small fry in comparison to what is now Available to today's youngsters smitten with the bug upon their first capture! During these early years growing up I very quickly became passionate about the sport and never tired with the usual disappointment of failing to catch due to my inexperience. As time went on, I learnt, the hard way in some cases that it's not about following the crowd, it's more about finding your own level and developing a passion which drives you increasingly to learn and ultimately becoming more & more successful as you develop the skills-knowledge, ultimately leading to putting fish on the bank, however just as important reflecting on your achievements. A real turning point came within my late teens-early twenties when I set about fishing a number of the circuit waters, again gaining a valuable insight as to what made for a successful day/night out on the bank, believe me, I made a number of mistakes and no doubt there are a few anglers today who will take pleasure in reminding you of my failings and mishaps. Unusually, At the time I choose the path to keep away from the limelight and focused instead on doing what I enjoy most, and that's just the pleasure of fishing. This like my work and family ethics has by far given me even more passion for what I do today and the results without doubt had aided my captures and results to this very day. I particularly enjoy session fishing and In recent years I have spent a considerable amount of time in France, targeting off the radar waters and a number of big fish waters. in the last 5 years or so I have become mainly known due to some of my big fish captures and achieving notoriety with several well publicised 'tonne up' weeks. For myself, fishing although a hobby, it's one of passion! Like so many of us, work and family commitments ensures what time we spend in the bank is precious and therefore should not be wasted! I have a simple approach to the way I set out my stall and I always try to be different, whether this be by means of keeping things simple, or indeed trying alternatives to the latest techniques, I always ensure I personalise my approach to put as many fish in the mat given the time I have! One aspect that gives my enormous pleasure is helping others,whether this be by parting with hints and tips, or mapping out a swim or venue, I enjoy watching others succeed and it's rewarding when they come back to you with a photo of a personal best that they have caught as a result of your involvement.