25+UK P.B :46lb 04oz Mirror And 37lb 14 Common
FOREIGN P.B:ATT, Cotswold Aquarius, Mainline Baits, Carp Particles UK & G-Force
OTHER SPONSORS: 55lb12oz Mirror And 39lb Common
FAVOURITE VENUE :Medway Valley Fisheries Big Lake
About me:
Having fished since I was young enough to do so, starting out in the parks and canals close to my East End home in Stepney Green, I got the bug for carp after seeing some older boys catching them in our local park. For the past 20 odd years I have been solely fishing for carp. At first in and around the Darenth Valley where I was influenced by some fantastic anglers including the late and great Alan Smith. It was here that I caught my first 30, a carp by the name of Arfur at 30:08 from the Small Lake at DDAPS Sutton at Hone. From catching 30's here I moved onto numerous venues in Essex including the infamous Manor Farm in search for some 40's and it was here where I caught my first English and Winter 40 known as the Northern Linear at 46lb 04oz. I moved off of Manor Farm after capturing a few of the 40's and onto Cotton Farm in Kent run by Lee Jackson to fish for those Dark and Golden Commons. I am currently fishing in the Medway Valley.

Being a family man my typical UK fishing consists on average of one overnight session a week that can be anything between 12 and 24 hours. I get a real sense of enjoyment helping others in our sport and I am happy to see anyone catch our quarry! I also like to travel to France at least once a year for a week session having fished a number of venues that include Maleon, Domaine Des Iles, Etang Le Fayes, Mar Peche, Les Quis, Les Teillatts, Lake Serene, Lac De Premiere, Abbey Lakes and the River Yonne.

Most memorable capture:
Has to be the Little Big Common from Cotton Farm. I was fortunate to catch this fish in the presence of two very influential Big Fish Anglers Sean Leverett and Jon McAllister. Sean had asked what was the largest in the lake, shortly afterwards it was gracing my net!

Funniest moment on the bank: My last trip to Manor Farm and a touch of the morning after the night before curry syndrome. I was in the farthest swim away from the toilets, I nearly didn't make it. Walking very awkwardly to the battle box my fellow syndicate members were really ribbing me as I passed their swims. Approaching the door in desperation I was already trying to undo my trousers, the belt buckle has worked its way under the loops on them and I came extremely close to not making it! The last laugh was on me though as no more than an hour afterwards during packing away a 39lb 08oz mirror was sulking in the net. I pushed my barrow down that same path for one last time with a great big beaming smile filled with laughter.