Approx 30 Years Around 25 Carp Fishing
UK P.B: 51.10lb Mirror 44.4lb Common
OTHER SPONSORS: 64lb Mirror 56.14lb Common
FAVOURITE VENUE: Wingham Kent, Rainbow France
Most memorable capture:
My first 20,30,40 and 50 are all memorable milestones.

Funniest moment on the bank: There have been a few over the years at various venues but one of the funniest is from the final at the bcac where my fishing partner rob tough and me decided that we would go in the lake after winning, It was very cold. I came out of the water and then toughy proceeded to pretend to be a carp and I played him on his rod as you would a fish, diving down, taking line on the clutch etc, It was hilarious at the time, there was a crowd behind us all laughing as it was completely off the cuff not planned.

I started fishing many years ago and even got a Saturday job which turned into a full time job in my local tackle shop, but then left that about 20 years ago. I started off with float fishing etc and progressed into carp fishing, Nowadays nearly all of my fishing is carp whether in the uk or a trip off to france which I try and get in 2 a year, although if on holiday I will try and get some other fishing in and have been fortunate to catch Siamese carp at Gillhams in Thailand and even a white marlin . I don’t have a particular style of fishing, I tend to try and adapt what’s needed to catch a carp or two. I am happy fishing with boilies, particles, maggots etc and just enjoy being out there. I basically fish when I can but the majority of it is at weekends.