19 Years
UK P.B: Italian 66.02lb
FOREIGN P.B: 55.02lb
OTHER SPONSORS: Summittackle, Ridgemonkey, Godman PVA
FAVOURITE VENUE: Big Lakes, Stalking On Tthe Rivers

Most memorable capture:

big doubble tone river mirror 46,3lb Funniest moment on the bank: the last slovenian adventure with Francesco Alessandrini was really funny!

I live close slovenian and austrian border and in almost 20 years of carpfishing I've faced lot of big natural lakes in both regions. However, the most intriguing waters to me are the rivers which has transparent water where to hunt the fish. Walking for many miles into the wild to reach some big river carps and get them on the net, to me is one of the most exiting experience of angling.