43 Years, Carp Fishing 38 Years.
UK P.B: 50lb 8oz Common Mirror 48lb 14oz.
FOREIGN P.B: Mainline, Freespirit,Atomic,Hooked On Baits, Spomb,Carp Lounge, Ridge Monkey, Cotswold Aquarius And Matrix. O
THER SPONSORS: 76lb 8oz Mirror (Shoudlers)
FAVOURITE VENUE: The Place I Used To Fish The Arena Before A Big Fish Kill Will Always Be A Special Place For Me, The Syndicate Im On Now Is Great, Aboard It Has To B

Most memorable capture:

I've got many great memories. But catching Shoudlers has to be the one, I could to tell you blow by blow from the take to landing the big girl.

Funniest moment on the bank: Well fair to many to mention and some I couldn’t mention lol. I wish I could but I just cant. But I've had some great times with my pal inside and outside of fishing Rob Marsh. I'm a overhead linesman and work on the power lines.Most of my fishing are overnighters due to work commitments. I enjoy all the technics to catch a carp, but I am a sucker for a bit of zig fishing. I also do love a trip aboard too, fishing different waters for different fish and also meeting some great people along the way. As I said I've been fishing for many years and always learning from people young and old, that’s one thing I don’t like people who think they know everything about fishing. Litter and bad angling manners, casting across people, noisy people etc.