30 Years All Together, 25 Solely For Carp
UK P.B: 48lb Mirror, 35lb 14oz Common
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Most memorable capture:
I would have to say catching Petals at 48lb which was a lake record at the time and was a fish i was desperate to catch and also catching the 2nd biggest fish in the lake the orange fish at 35lb 6 hours earlier was a session i will never wont forget..

Funniest moment on the bank:
This would have to be in the Finals of the BCAC my partner for the event Roy Russell was just setting up before the start of the match and was pushing is banksticks in the ground all of sudden i heard him shouting in agony as he had slipped in his crocs down the bank and landed in a big bed of nettles he was lay there trying to get up but everytime he moved he kept getting stung at this point i was rolling around on the floor laughing watching him try and get up without getting stung even more.

About me and my favourite style of angling:
I don’t really have any particular style of angling I just prefer to adapt my fishing to any situations whether that would be Floater fishing, Zigs, Stalking Distance fishing, Solid bags, Naturals as I fish quite a few different water throughout the year and each water differs from the rest so I find myself chopping and changing all the time to suit the venue like one water I just use boilies nothing else where as my other water I use a lot of spod mix and fish a lot of bits baits.

I tend to carry everything and the kitchen sink with me as I don’t like to think I have missed an opportunity of catching a fish by not have either a certain item of tackle like not having my floater rod with me or running out of bait when they are having it.