26 Years Fishing (17 Years Carp Fishing)
UK P.B: 55lb 8oz
FOREIGN P.B: 49lb 15oz
OTHER SPONSORS: Nash Tackle, Shimano
FAVOURITE VENUE  :Bluebell Lakes, Peterborough
Most memorable capture:
First ever thirty caught off the top two feet from the bank.

Funniest moment on the bank:
Theres to many to mention but they always seemed to happen when i fish with my closest fishing pal Mick Henderson and cousin Carl Armitage we've fished together since we were kids so you can use your imagination to the wind ups we've all played on each other over the years.

About me and my favourite style of angling:
I started fishing when i was 6 years old, and to be quiet honest i wasn't the greatest angler throughout my teenage years, but im not the type of person to ever give up! i persevered and finally found my passion in carp fishing! it just seemed to click with me and like most anglers it became quiet obsessive! i spent every waking hour dedicating my life to catching carp! i see carp fishing as one big jigsaw puzzle that you can never solve thats the great thing about carp fishing you never stop learning! i grew up on a very rough crime ridden estate and i think carp fishing gave me a kind of escapism from normal life! even today i still love the escapism from work, bills etc you know? just being there! my favourite style of fishing is stalking, especially floater fishing i love the adreline rush when surface fishing you just cant get when fishing on the bottom! it feels like your one on one with the fish, and i honestly think theres no better way to improve your water craft! i hate being sat bivvy'd up with 3 rods out i think it really restricts you, For me thats camping not fishing! i can think of nothing better than walking around a lake all day setting traps, watching and learning as you go.