26 Years
UK P.B: German PB: 23kg (50.7lbs) Common
FOREIGN P.B: MK-Angelsport/CarpMadness Supplier For Bivys, Bedchairs And Baitboats
OTHER SPONSORS: Mirror 24.8 Kg (54.6 Lbs) Lac De Saint Cassien
FAVOURITE VENUE: Lakes Of All Kind, No Mater If Natural, Gravel Pit Or Reservoirs Lakes

On my very first trip to France I went down to Lac de St. Cassien, just wanting to catch one fish from that “holy” water. After a whole week of blanking and catching bream I finally made it. The rest is history.

Funniest moment on the bank:

Talking about fishing in summer on Lac de St. Cassien: Back in 2009, night fishing in the summer was already forbidden, but it was okay to stay on the bank as long as the rods where not in the water. So I sat with my girlfriend (today my wife) on the shoreline, just watching the water when we heard a motorboat. The only motorboat that’s allowed to drive on the lake was the boat of the guard. So we put up a little light on the shoreline, showing that we where there and had nothing to hide – this behaviour often helped to make the guards more friendly. Seconds later, a very bright light pointed directly into our faces and the boat held towards us. I helped the guys to get out of the boat, showed them our swim and we all had a little chat with a cup of wine. Then they left, driving further up the north arm. Janine and I decided to go to bed, and as you don`t need any more in the summer, we just had an open umbrella for bivvy. No fishing at night, little wine in the blood and a warm summer night - guess what we were doing – I`ll leave it to your fantasise. To cut a long story short: The motorboat returned and with it the powerful handheld searchlight - pointing directly into our”bivvy”. We heard the laughs and the searchlight did not leave us and our bivvy as long as the boat was “in sight”.


About me and my favourite style of angling: Hi, my name is Jan, I´m 32 years old and I come from a little Town named Achim, near Bremen in northern Germany. I caught my first fish with 5 years on a holiday trip to the United States. Back in Germany, it took quite a while to go fishing again as my Dad is not a fisherman. Anyway, within the age of 8 my name was well known at the local Trout-Pond and I was on the search for “new challenges”. It took not too long to find a little Lake in range of my bike. Soon later, I caught some small, fresh stocked common carp and was absolutely amassed from their power and their stunning look. I never forgot about that and years later, 95% of my fishing is for carp. Today I am a typical “bait-angler”. I like fishing on well prepared spods. Depending on the type and the size of the water, the temperatures and the number of the expected fish feeding on the spod, I change the bait and the amount of it to get the result we are all hope for. I like social fishing, but in fact I`m mostly on the water with Janine or all alone, because when you fish with 2 or more fisherman in one swim, you`ll always have to compromise your own fishing.