9 Years
UK P.B: 25.02
FOREIGN P.B: 39.14
OTHER SPONSORS: CC Moore, Castaway PVA, Hinders

Most memorable capture , My 3 20lb+ carp from Ladywood stand out all in one session with the 'Bellino Mirror' and 'The Patch Common'


Funniest moment - getting dad to wake Darrell Peck up at stupid o’clock in the morning whilst I was into a fish ...dad came back and said I think I just scared Darrell half to death he then pops his head out his bivvy and says what are you two doing ? lol

I'm James Junior a 10 year old fishing addict . I've been fishing from an age 3 with dad and with help from my friend Gus I've moved onto Carp Fishing and from there ‘Bushnell Carp Diaries’ was born I have my own dedicated Facebook page and you tube channel where I show you guys my carp fishing adventures so far I've had some great success in my first 12 months . Getting a few P.Bs along the way along with my current pb mirror of 20lb 3oz and pb common of 25lb and my pb surface caught carp of 20lb 11oz I even managed to win Sky’s young angler of the month competition which got me a great day out to fish Barston Lakes. I'm hoping to get to a few different lakes next year but this winter will see me hitting the banks of my local water to try bag a chunk or two.