Since The Age Of Six For Predators, And I Started Carp Fishing In 2014.
FOREIGN P.B: German PB- 35lbs Mirror
FAVOURITE VENUE: Natural, Feature Packed Waters.
Most memorable capture-
I was fishing on a tree lined lake, with many overhanging branches in the margins. My swim was quite flat, with large weed beds. After 2 nights with no action, I changed my tactics, swapping my 22mm boilie bottom rigs, for stiff rigs baited up with 12mm pop ups. I had four runs in the night, resulting in me landing my PB, a beautiful mirror of 35lbs. Funniest moment on the bank- I was fishing on the German river the Leine, for cats. All the rods where setup and baited with worm or squid. I had placed the worm rod in a tight curve with driftwood, and over hanging trees. The hours passed without even the slightest signs of a bite, until 2:00am in the morning! The worm rod was off, full run. I just managed to get my hand on the rod before it was dragged in, the rod was well bent, so I struck into....not a fish! I struck into a Grey Heron, who had flown into my line. All ended well for both me and the bird. About me and my favourite style of Angling- Looking through the old family photo albums, I have been fishing longer than I can remember. My father only fished occasionally, but when he did, he took me with him. But luckily I had an English uncle, who took me more often, and I fell in love with fishing. It’s all I could think about. Most of my fishing years where for pike, perch and Co. I first started fishing for carp in the last few years, and I wish I started a lot earlier, it is what I had been looking for all my fishing career. I prefer fishing with small baits, predominantly pop-ups, fake-corn and dumbbell’s. Nothing goes without PVA , I’m a PVA monster. I fish basic rigs, without all the frills, as they catch me fish, keep it simple. I like my sessions on the water, but am also quite happy just going for a few hours with the stalking rods.