Ever Since I Can Remember
UK P.B: 59lb 12oz Mirror And 49lb Common
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Most memorable capture:
The Fighting Machine from Manor Farm in Essex at 40lb 8oz off the surface

Funniest moment on the bank:
Playing a game with large berries, with my mate Alex. We were throwing them at each other to see if we could get them in our mouths, I won and Alex nearly choked to death.

I have been fishing since I was a small boy. Growing up in the Lea Valley I was surrounded by rivers and gravel pits, spending most evenings and weekends fishing. During my school years, Junior through to Secondary, I would always bunk off on the 16th June – back then, that was the first day of the new fishing season.

I have fished for all species of fish, starting the proper way fishing for Course fish like Tench, Perch, Pike etc. Then caught the Carp bug after catching my first Carp out of a local Brook at about 4lb.

I now spend two/three nights a week Carp fishing and would say I thrive off targeting big Carp. Although, I feel that when targeting big Carp it does sometimes pay to sit a wait. I would say that my favourite methods are, fishing for them off the top and stalking in the edge. You can’t beat watching them take your bait.

As for dislikes, how busy waters get and the way some fisheries are run more like prison camps with their rules and regulations, after all its hunting isn’t it!