20+ Years
FOREIGN P.B: 31Kg Common, 27.5Kg Mirror
OTHER SPONSORS: CBB Baits, Sonik Sports
FAVOURITE VENUE: Any Waterways Containing Carp

I don’t have a angling style that I prefer, I usually try to measure out the conditions and circumstances, I do my best to fit into the situation. If having to make a bait spot, or using different types of baits. Like said above I adapt to the situation, so my luck is dependent on more factors. I like fishing in all lakes in Germany, also all over Europe. Being in natural surroundings and being able to fish, (even blanking) is a big hobby of mine, always learning something new every time. The thing I don’t like is envious and backstabbing carpers. We are all in the same game

Most memorable capture: Is the result of catching my personal best plus the second biggest fish in the low stock lake after one hour. Before having blanked for many hours.

Funniest moment on the bank: There are many funny moments on the bank. Especially when many of my good friends come to visit. Fun is guaranteed.