UK P.B: 46lb 8oz
FOREIGN P.B: Mainline Baits, Free Spirit, Korda
FAVOURITE VENUE: Private Herts Club Water

Most memorable capture:

I’ve had some memorable captures over the years, so this one is quite a tough question! However, recently I managed to bank a new PB Mirror, but the weight was irrelevant. It is a fish I have dreamt about since I was 10 years old. When I was a nipper and growing up, my brother and I would take it in turns every other Friday to do an overnighter with my dad, as he could only have one guest at a time, and we were only allowed to fish one rod. This particular fish was one of the lakes crown jewels and at 60 odd years old, it really it is an incredible fish and one I always wanted. During my teens I fished a couple of other waters, until I was 18 and got my full ticket through and concentrated on this water. Finally on my first session on there this year, after one of the most mental battles from a ridiculously weedy environment, I managed to land one of the fish of my dreams!

Funniest moment on the bank: I don’t advise anyone to do this, as looking back it could be quite dangerous, but as kids, everyone has played a silly old prank somewhere – especially if it’s your twin! One summer I met up with a few mates for our yearly get together/social and my brother, Rob was the first one to go off to bed that night.. So I decided to tie his crocs with about 8 foot of 50lb braid as a lead to the legs of his bedchair. In the middle of the night, I promptly gave his alarm an absolute one toner. He jumps up, slips on his crocs, goes running towards to the rods when BANG! The braid tightens from the crocs to the bedchair, sending him flying, along with his bedchair and the entire contents of his bivvy up in the air!