36 (24 Years For Carp)
UK P.B: Common Named Bob 66,47lb, Mirror 59,41lb
FOREIGN P.B: Mirror With 45,86lb
OTHER SPONSORS: KGB-Baits, All Carp Products
FAVOURITE VENUE: Gravel Pits From 4 – 100 Ha


Most memorable capture: 
My first captured carp at the age of 13.

Funniest moment on the bank:
Having a size 6 hook stuck in my finger, a drive to the hospital Sunday morning, small op. Then back to the bank, had a good laugh remembering what the doc said: “ Do you want the hook back or shall I keep this as a souvenir?

About me and my favourite style of angling:
Hi, my name is Bernd, I'm 41 years old and I come from Cologne, Germany. I´ve been fishing from the early age of 5 years, my dad used to take me on the River Elbe in the North of Germany where we caught Eels and Plaice. That is when I got hooked on fishing.

I started carp-fishing at 17 and is now my greatest passion. My style of fishing depends on what type of water I am fishing. When fishing on big gravel pits or on the River Mosel in France, it may happen that I need to use an amount of quality Baits in different sizes, Pellets and Particels, as the carps are harder to catch there. On the small lakes I use smaller amounts of feed, because the carps are to sensible and shy away from too much food. I like to use single hookbaits and also with every new cast of the rod, I use a special Bag & Stickmix in a PVA-Bag.

I don’t like people, who don’t treat the carps with the respect they should have. I also don’t like hate and envy against other carp-anglers. We all have the same hobby.