Since I Was Old Enough To Hold A Rod
UK P.B: 49.1
FOREIGN P.B: Sticky Baits, Korda
FAVOURITE VENUE: Stoneacres Linch Hill

Most memorable capture:

An awesome boat battle that resulted in the mighty “BITEMARK” from stoneacres

Funniest moment on the bank: I've had loads of funny moments on the bank with my bro, but him falling down a steep bank once and landing on top of his rods leaving them absolutely trashed has got to be up there. And being set up on st johns linear fisheries once and a family of 50 turning up they set about setting up numerous 12man tents with ensuite then once the rods were flung out a huge cricket match commenced with fielders the lot it was so funny.

At a very young age i started out float fishing with my grandad for anything that came along and once i got abit older i piece of floating bread was cast alongside a reed bed shortly followed by a explosion n a battle of a lifetime a 6lb carp was the culprit but i was well and truly hooked. so that was it the floater gear was traded in for carp gear and i set about serving my apprenticeship around various cheshire waters. After many years honing my skills i was ready to go further a field. it was off to Oxfordshire in search off them super scaleys. and thats where i still fish today i absolutely love the place. from 1 acre cheshire farm pits to huge 50 acre Oxfordshire gravel pits, from 4lbers to 40lbers i love it all, that buzz, that feeling, is just unexplainable…