UK P.B: Belgium 46lb+
FOREIGN P.B:6 1lb Mirror
FAVOURITE VENUE: Intregra Lake And Lac De St-Cassien

Most memorable capture: Fully scaled mirror 58lb+

Funniest moment on the bank: In my first years as a young carp angler I targeted a local canal with great results. After 6 nights in September, resulting in 26 carp on the bank, my dad decided to join me on an overnighter. Proud as I was I wanted to prove myself and show my skills. Of course things turned out totally different than I hoped for. In the first hours a few coots decided to have their supper in my swim, I lost a decent fish and it just kept raining. On the next screaming take, I ran to the rod, slipped and fell completely head over heels in to the canal. At that time I was very angry and disappointed. I’ll never forget how I felt when my dad helped me out of the water. Nowadays it’s one of so many memories and funny moments I’ve experienced.

I’m 29 years old and live in Maldegem, which is near to the city of Bruges (Belgium). I guess I was 5 or 6 years old when my dad joined me and my brother to the local canals where we took our first steps, fishing for eel, roach and bream. At the age of 12 I bought a first carp rod for 20 euro’s. From that moment my journey in our fantastic hobby has grown to the angler I am today. My fishing contains a mixture of various lakes. On the one hand a pressured syndicate lake which contains the bigger ones, carp with a history,… . I simply can’t resist chasing them. On the other hand I like to search for secret, forgotten lakes surrounded by nature where I can escape from the way too busy daily life. In such a places, every capture gives an added value and pleasure. The circumstances, the experience, environment,… are very important to me. I also like to adapt my approach to the situation, the time of the year, the lake I’m fishing. Nothing beats a capture, stalked from the margins or the surface.