4 Years
UK P.B: Carp 27.12 Barbel 13lb
FAVOURITE VENUE: Fishery For Carp And For Barbel, River Trent At Collingham

Most memorable capture:

A night on the Trent, when I had 2 barbel on the mat at the same time, 1 weighing 11lb and the other weighing 12lb

Funniest moment on the bank: Daniel caught a little roach while fishing at newbridge in hull and as it was the first fish out that day he was excited and showing everyone it. then the roach squirted loads of white stuff all over his t-shirt (funny to see)

I don’t really have a style of fishing I enjoy all types of fishing including sea fishing, barble fishing and carp fishing. I have not tried pike fishing yet but I hope to have by the end of the year. I am not a big fan of float fishing, I do endure it as my partner loves it and was brought up float fishing... I hate the idea of a bait boat, my theory is "if you cant cast there, then you cant fish there". I only started fising when I started to work at chapmans angling and now I cant imaging my life with out it, I am definatly not the most experienced in the shop but I learn new things every day from collegues and my other hobbies are gardening (I have a allotment). I love drawing and listening to music.